CLS© – Company Leaders Seminar

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CLS© – Company Leaders Seminar

The objective of this seminar, where business leaders from different sectors are gathered, is to provide concrete answers and solutions applicable to the question of how to make living in your company to its internal and external customers an experience “incomparable” and thus differentiate itself from the competition by offering more customer orientation, more performance and more pleasure every time and every contact.

Participants : CEO and senior managers.

Main Program
  • How to prepare today for tomorrow? An overview of the essential questions to ask oneself as a leader to always be able to “act today rather than having to react tomorrow”.
  • How to be an exemplary leader and a caring coach whose ultimate goal is the “incomparable” experience thanks to the customer orientation, performance and pleasure offered by the company and its staff to its internal and external customers? Issues with applicable methods and practical exercises.
  • How to manage oneself before managing others? Issues with applicable methods and practical exercises.
  • How can we channel our employees towards excellence and incomparable experience? Issues with applicable methods from a strategic red line and practical exercises.
  • What are the brakes in search of excellence and incomparable experience in a company? Issues with applicable methods to overcome three essential brakes and practical exercises.
  • How to stimulate creativity in your company to seek excellence and exceed its qualitative and quantitative objectives? Issues with applicable methods and practical exercises.
  • How to act as an exemplary leader and a benevolent coach in his management of others? Issues with applicable methods and practical exercises of the posture and the way to adopt in its acts of communication towards the internal customers (collaborators) and the external customers (customers, suppliers, shareholders) so that they live every time and each contact an “incomparable” experience.
  • What action plan for tomorrow? Five actions to put in place during the year by each.
Course and duration

– A personal preparation phase written four weeks before the first day.

– 2 consecutive days of intensive and motivating training in a 4-star hotel.

– Practical work of implementation before, during and after the days of the SDE ©.



1. Thursday, 24 January 2019
2. Friday, 25 January 2019


CHF 1’990.-H.T. per participant including the preparation, animation and management of the two seminar days, the corresponding documentation and the business lunch. The participants are responsible for the residential package including the evening meal, the overnight stay and the buffet breakfast.