“ In life, when you have no vision to reach out, to dream of constantly and fervently hope to realize, you have no reason to make efforts. “
Since 1999 Motivaction Training & Consulting is a « customer focused » Swiss company. It has a general goal of searching for excellence and an operational goal to change the behaviour and practices through efficient tools which have been tested with success within different market places in order to ensure immediate implementation and achieving responsible and sustainable goals each.

Responsibility of management

Addressed in terms of all factors that influence a manager: self, others, the information processing and decision making, innovation, time, change, quality…

Responsibility of sales

Developed both in terms of behavior as selling methods to obtain immediate and lasting results with sales consultants. 

Responsibility of communication

Concerns all persons in a company wishing to develop their effectiveness and the efficiency of their communications with external or internal customers.

Responsibility of business strategy

Concerns CEO like you who wants to obtain strategical and operational goals through a responsible and lasting performance of the entire company.

And you, what would you expect from an excellent partner in training and consulting for management, sales, communication and business strategy ?