« This is the method that makes ordinary people do extraordinary things »
– J. Webb

To successfully change our behaviors and practices, our method is both simple, human and trusting.


Inter-firms reunites no more than 12 participants from different companies in order to guarantee the quality of the transmission of our know-how.

Intra-firm is realized through formed groups from inside of your company. This enables a specific response to your company problems.

Tailor made is the response to your specific needs. Specific training and counseling actions are developed according to you needs.


We always define the goal, at first sight, then, through role gaming, we understand the current situation with its strengths and the points to improve, providing an exhaustive and comprehensive search for solutions aiming to reach the goals through the implementation of « guides » practiced during and after the intervention.


We are investing at least two full days or half-days, separated by a time interval of four weeks, to allow to acquire new behaviours and practices. The “moral contract” defined at the end of each day allows to apply the created « guides » from the next day on. On the second day of course, we first, together with you, measure the successes and solve the difficulties you met, before the learning of behaviours and new practices can start.


Any training and consultancy process in a company requires the involvement of management at specific stages. First it is necessary to prepare and communicate before the interventions. Then it is preferable that management maintains the expected behaviors and practices in the company during the days dedicated to him in order to avoid possible discomfort from their employees. Finally, it is essential that management is exemplary because “an ounce of example is worth a ton of speech” as much in the application as in monitoring.

And you, what would you expect from an excellent partner in training and consulting for management, sales, communication and business strategy ?