CP© – Company Policy

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CP© – Company Policy

Prepare the present and the future of your company by the realization of its corporate policy.

Participants : CEO with or without its executive committee.

Main Program
  • Identify the purpose of a corporate policy.
  • Identify the different “policies” specific to your company.
  • Realize the substance and form of each of these “policies”.
  • Validate the coherence of each of these “policies” among themselves.
  • Set the goal to 1 year of each of these “policies”.
  • Implement the action plan to ensure that executives and staff but also customers, prospects and suppliers appropriate your company policy.
Course and duration

– A personal preparation phase four weeks before the course.
– An intensive one-day intervention in the form of coaching, consulting, technical assistance and tailor-made training.

– Practical implementation work following the course.


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