PIDM© – Progress through Insights Discovery in Management

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Management – Intra-Firms

PIDM© – Progress through Insights Discovery in Management

to improve in a minimum of five points of life skills and know-how of management.

Participants : any leader or executive.

Main Program
  • Perform an analysis of the participant’s personality profile on the basis of a questionnaire submitted.
  • Present, explain and complete the profile received.
  • Define with the participant 5 axes of progress.
  • Build 5 red wires to progress on the 5 defined points.
  • Acquire concrete and immediately applicable aids in terms of behavior and managerial practices.
  • Exercise red wires.
Course and duration

– A personal preparation phase four weeks before the first day.

– A coaching, consulting and intensive one-day team training

– Practical implementation practices following the days of PIDM.


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