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Management – Intra-Firm

L&C© – Leadership & Coaching

Acquire tools to become a leader and a recognized coach outside of his or her technical expertise.

Participants : your executives, your senior managers and middle managers.

Main Program
  • Self-knowledge and management: a diagnosis of strengths, weaknesses, improvement and potential.
  • The setting of objectives: a competence of leadership towards self and others.
  • The recruitment, selection and integration of employees: the next generation and tomorrow.
  • The job interview: the motivation and the responsibility of a collaborator.
  • The job interview: the motivation and the responsibility of a collaborator.
  • Monitoring and control maintenance: a non-delegable task.
  • The evaluation interview: the measurement of the quality provided and the added values ​​to be realized.
  • The maintenance of “reprimand”: an action to restore quality.
  • The interview of decision: an act of courage.
  • The preparation, the direction, the animation and the follow-up of the working sessions: the reflection of our management.
  • Oral expression in front of a group or an audience: the form serving the bottom.
  • The art of selling his ideas: the efficiency to push ideas from the “bottom” to the “top” of the company.
  • Creativity: the creation of added value in the company.
  • The management of difficult situations and communications: the emergence of synthesis through confrontation.
  • Management of its time: planning to increase management “cold” and decrease the “hot”.
Course and duration

– A personal preparation phase written four weeks before each intervention.

– Two hours of coaching and individual training

– A intensive training of 5 x 1 day on about 5 months.

– Practical work between the interventions.


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