PIA© – Positive Inner Attitude

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Communication – Inter-Firms

PIA© – Positive Inner Attitude

Exercise to sell better and more by means of simple aids and immediately applicable to achieve its sales objectives.

Participants : Any employee of a private company or individual.

Main Program
  • – Identify the necessary and essential conditions to establishing and developing excellent communication with others.
  • – Awareness of the importance of developing a positive attitude to develop the pleasure of communicating.
  • – Measuring the psychological barriers to a daily positive attitude.
  • – Implementing the concept of positive attitude in the way of listening and talking to how each.
  • – Implementing the concept of positive attitude in non-verbal behaviors.
  • – Measure and realize the concept of positive attitude in private and professional everyday communication situations.
Course and duration

– Personal preparation four weeks before the course day.

– 1 x 1 day class.

– Practical work implemented after the course.


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CHF 750.- H.T. per participant which includes the preparation, coordination and direction of the day of classes, related documentation, lunches and coffee breaks.